Nathan Ross Rees Mission Statement

Nathan teaches reformer instructors how to build stronger clients with a consistent application of intensity and an intentional approach to exercise delivery.

Using simple and effective strategies to achieve mechanical tension on muscle fibres, challenge the cardiovascular system, give agency through education and build anti-fragile human beings. 

Seeking to boost the appeal of reformer workouts to a greater worldwide audience by helping more people benefit from reformer training. 

Nathan believes reformer workouts are simply resistance training, and therefore clients will benefit from progressive overload strategies. Teaching instructors how to adapt the load of spring tension and weights overtime to continuously challenge clients.

The purpose of training itself is to enhance the health and confidence of the participants. 

With a positive outlook on life and a desire to grow personally and professionally, you can expect Nathan’s training processes will evolve overtime when more effective strategies to achieve results are discovered.  

Nathan has taught 95+ Reformer Workshops across Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and the Middle East. New tour dates for Australia and South America available now.

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Thank you for your support!