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Purpose built to SupportEducate and Inspire with: 

✔️ Online Course (6 Months Reformer Academy Access)

✔️ Reformer Library (150+ Exercises)

✔️ Workout Library (30+ Reformer Workouts)

✔️ NEW Flow Builder (Create class flows here)


- How Spring Tension is relative to Body Mass 

- Class Planning

- Client Feedback Loop

- How to Select Exercise to suit your Clients Ability Level

- Intentional Progression

- Why Client Progression is the key to your Studios Success

- How to Progressively Overload your Clients

- How to utilise Heavy Spring Tension

- Rapport Building

- Social Media Strategies

- How to Use Dumbbells Effectively 

- How to Create New Exercises 

- Reformer Exercise Tutorials (Legs, Abdominals, Chest, Back and Cardio) 


✔️ Reformer Library (150+ Exercises)

Exercise library complete with spring tensions and progression options 


✔️ Workout Library (30+ Reformer Workouts)

Recorded Live Workouts complete with class plans


✔️ NEW Flow Builder (Create class flows here)

Exercises organised into spring tensions. Simply click the spring tension, pick a muscle group (i.e. Glutes) then select exercises (exercise video shown) 


What will you get from Reformer Academy?

- You will learn and experience the most comprehensive list of reformer exercises in the industry 

- How to plan classes clients love 

- A method to consistently deliver exercise intensity 

- How to be more confident teaching reformer classes 

- How to make your clients feel welcome and valued 

- How to progress your clients' conditioning from a beginner to an advanced level

- How to boost your client retention and sell out classes 

- How to use social media to grow your trainer profile

- How to teach without a class plan and be completely present in the room 

- How to use music to enhance your class atmosphere

- How to stay centred when unexpected events happen  

- How to adapt spring tension overtime to progressively overload your clients

- How to build an online business teaching reformer 

- How to network in the fitness industry to find new work opportunities

- How to gain more credibility with your clients by knowing the how and why of every exercise you teach 

- How to simplify reformer workouts with the principles of resistance training 

- How to expand your comfort zone to run workshops and teach inter-studio, interstate and international 


    Nathan has taught 85+ Reformer Workshops across Australia, North America, Europe and the Middle East (with New Zealand, South America and the Caribbean booked in for the remainder of 2023).

    *Please be aware Reformer Academy is not recognised by an accredited fitness organisation and does not provide certification to teach fitness classes.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    For $1400 definitely not worth it. I was really excited but the videos are not good quality and it doesn’t look like much effort was put in.. definitely good knowledge but the content was poor and the classes are very repetitive

    Best investment for professional development

    Nathan is a force! His depth of knowledge is beyond imagination. One day I decided to take a leap of faith and give another online workshop a try! It had to be Nathan’s Reformer Academy as I had been following his content on social media for a while and there was nothing else like it.
    This was the BEST DECISION and BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made to grow and improve myself personally and professionally. My transformation in terms of my teaching skills, confidence levels, truly understanding the reformer, spring load, intentional progression, exercises and … has been huge. Nathan is born to be a mentor. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and cannot thank him enough.

    Natalie Williams
    8 week transformation!!

    There is a Pilates God…and his name’s Nathan!
    Can’t thank him enough for his ongoing support during the reformer academy over the last 8 weeks. His knowledge & critical thinking on building successful client outcomes is seriously second to none. My confidence and skills have skyrocketed in the last 8 weeks, and he has set me up with amazing foundations and habits to start my new career as a Pilates instructor. Thanks so much Nathan!

    A New Perspective

    I am so happy I took this course. Nathan taught me a whole new perspective on group and personal training with the reformer. I loved the format of the training, ie the workouts, the lectures with visual aids, and the extensive online library. This training takes you out of the classical box and into a whole new world of workout option, spring tension, and (heavy!) weights.

    Bloody Legend!!

    Thank you Nathan so much for all the Reformer training over the last 8 weeks! I have been having a lot of positive feedback on all of my classes and actually enjoying teaching so much more!! Keep sharing what you are doing as everyone should learn what you have offered us all - more confidence and purpose in our teaching 🙌